What is Interactive Voice Response System?

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is a technology that allows businesses to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages using DTMF input through a keypad. An IVR system enables you to identify every caller’s need and route them to the best-suited agent based on their input and skill set required for the query.

Why Do Businesses Need IVR Calling System?

A big enterprise, like a healthcare provider, financial services or retail store with a large number of customers, is bound to have different queries and concerns from the customers coming in. It will also be natural that certain agents are better skilled at handling specific customer queries than others. This can lead to an inefficient usage of resources where a less efficient agent spends more time on a query that could’ve been handled faster by another agent. An IVR calling system can be used to manage the routine queries and freeing up the precious resource time for handling critical queries.

Additionally, IVR services with Artificial Intelligence helps businesses optimise their agent’s time and provide a better experience for their customers.

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What Are Different Types Of IVR System?

Discover the finest Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in India, designed to streamline customer interactions and enhance efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

IVR for Self-Service

Interactive voice response system (IVR) is a technology that automates telephone services by allowing users to respond to automated prompts via voice commands. The self-service IVR transfers a call to a live agent only for critical queries or something which is more specific in nature.

Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR services enable businesses to provide 24/7 customer service, even after business hours. This improves loyalty and satisfaction rates for customers, as well as streamlines processes for call center agents. These services are also cost-effective compared to other solutions like outsourcing.

Agent-Assisted IVR

Agent-assisted IVR software enables contact centres to seamlessly integrate voice recognition technology into their existing IVR systems. The agent-assisted IVR service helps to cut costs and stream operations by assisting customers with basic questions, reduce call volume, and ease wait times.

When Do Businesses Use An IVR Number?

Real-time Engagement

Welcome your callers with a customised and professional voice message.

Automate Support

Enabling the callers to get a self-serve tool and create a better user experience.

24*7 Customer Support

Set up a pre-recorded message for a caller who calls post business hours, also allow them to to leave a query or schedule an appointment.

Enhanced User Experience

Use advanced voice recognition system that recognizes caller intent and responds with relevant options.

Call Recording

Customer conversations are automatically recorded and stored on cloud for future purpose

Call Reports

Check the number of your missed, attended, and outgoing calls agent and department wise.

Timely Follow-up

Ensure effective follow-up on your missed customer calls with timely notifications of the same.




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