Covering All Your Bulk SMS Messaging Needs Be It Promotional Or Transactional

Promotional Bulk msg can be used to promote their products and services, or special offers to their customers.

Transactional Bulk msg can be used for order confirmations, delivery updates, account alerts and one-time passwords (OTPs).

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Faster, Better, and most Cost-effective Bulk SMS For Free

Adopt an integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy to increase your reach with our bulk SMS for free. Whether it’s transactional, promotional, or OTP, we can manage it all for you!

Cloud-Based Solutions

Technical Project Management


Easy To Use Web-Panel

Real Time Report

24*7 Support

Enrich Your User Experience With Multiple Bulk Messaging Solutions

International Messaging

Build personalized conversations with Name2Brands cloud communications platform to elevate your customer engagement across the globe

OTP Authenticator

Ensure 99% of messages are delivered within 15 seconds and secure logins for your customers, websites, and applications.

Email to SMS

Deploy Email-to-SMS to get the ease and flexibility to send an email as an SMS on a specific mobile number.

2-Way Messaging

Speed up your communication and open the window for customer interaction with 2-way messaging.


Shortcode SMS Services are a great way to run large campaigns and effectively generate leads.


Activate your branding spree with dedicated longcodes that take customer engagement to the next level.

Why Choose Name2Brands For Bulk SMS Services?

Personalised Solutions

Reduced Marketing Cost

Cost- Effective Solutions

5X Revenue Maximisation

Effortlessly Integrate Any App With Our Bulk SMS APIs In Minutes

Elevate your business potential and boost growth by up to 3X with Name2Brands, an official WhatsApp business solution provider.
We provide a direct customer onboarding process, ensuring faster and smoother business transitions.

As a Trusted Technical Service Provider (TSP) we:

Extensive documentation containing sample codes in over 10 languages

2,000+ enterprises rely on our secure, dependable, and scalable Bulk SMS APIs

Explore beyond simple SMS transmission with Name2Brands Bulk SMS APIs – access delivery confirmations, handle contacts, message scheduling, credit balance retrieval, survey responses, and more

Our proficient team is consistently available to assist with integration and provide support.

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